Big, Beautiful, Poof

I love my poofy hair!

How to:

First, I straightened my hair.

Next, separate a portion of your hair in the front of your head, using your thumb and your index finger - pull it back and pin it with a little poof to it.

Pull the rest of your hair back into an elastic band in the middle of the back of your head.

Pull your hair through the elastic band twice, holding it tight on your third time around, double up your hair - so that your elastic band is between two sections of your hair.

Wrap the remaining hair around the elastic band to cover it.

Pin with large hairpins on each side of your poofy bun.

You may have questions, so just ask! I'll give you more details if you need them. =)


Rolando Green said...

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smithsheldon said...

I think long hair updo is looking very styalish thanks for sharing this with us.

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