The Olive Oyl

A good friend once told me that my hair looked like Olive Oyl's hair...maybe she is not such a good friend afterall!

I must admit, Olive Oyl look-alike or not, I LOVE this style!

How to:

  1. Pull hair from the front of your head into a small poof - using your index finger and your thumb to determine the width of the poof.

  2. Use a hairpin to hold the poof in place.

  3. Comb the rest of your hair back into a rubber band near your neck and on the side. (I usually prefer the right side of my head, below my ear for my bun.)

  4. Wrap your hair around the rubber band into a small bun and use hairpins to hold it in place.


Jes V said...

you're wrong. that is not at all how she wears her hair. look at the picture. phony.

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